An Accolade of Excellence: The Thomas S. Monson Presidential Scholarship
An abiding commitment to gospel principles, stellar academic achievements, meaningful service, and noteworthy leadership opportunities are the hallmarks of the Thomas S. Monson Presidential Scholarship. His legacy of learning is alive at BYU...

The Thomas S. Monson Presidential Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship offered to incoming LDS freshmen, and is named after the current prophet and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Receiving this scholarship is a singular accomplishment. 

The scholarship is offered to 25 young men and 25 young women each year, and is an eight-semester scholarship worth 150% of full tuition. For the summer/fall 2017 admission cycle, applicants who meet the multi-year scholarship criteria will be considered for the Monson Presidential Scholarship. However, we encourage all students, including those vying for Presidential Scholarship consideration, to submit the BYU scholarship application in order to maximize scholarship opportunities. The more information our scholarship committee has at its disposal, the more the student can benefit. The final scholarship deadline for summer/fall 2017 freshman students is February 1.  

In addition to one student living in Canada, the summer/fall 2016 presidential scholars hailed from the following locations:

Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado
Idaho Illinois Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Nebraska
Nevada New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania
South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia
Washington Washington, D.C. 

Collectively, this group of scholars earned an average high school GPA of 3.99, with an average ACT (SAT equivalent) score of 35.46. Of the 50 awardees, 39 earned perfect 4.0 GPAs, 23 achieved the ultimate 36 ACT score, while 17 earned both a perfect 36 ACT score and maintained an unblemished 4.0 GPA. In addition to these academic merits, the Monson Scholars represented their faith, their families, and their communities in outstanding ways.  In short, our Monson Scholars have followed the inspired counsel of President Monson, "“My young brothers and sisters, don’t take counsel of your fears. Don’t say to yourselves, ‘I’m not wise enough, or I can’t apply myself sufficiently well to study this difficult subject or in this difficult field, so I shall choose the easier way.’ I plead with you to tax your talent, and our Heavenly Father will make you equal to those decisions.”