Auto- and Self-reported High School Transcripts

This year applicants do not need to send us transcripts when they apply. We will collect most Utah students' information automatically from state records. All other students will self-report their grades and be required to submit an official transcript only if they are admitted. We hope that this will help reduce the number of transcripts you will be asked to provide. It also allows the applicant to submit their application without having to wait for their transcript to arrive and be processed by BYU.

Applicants from Utah
We have been able to partner with the state of Utah to obtain transcript information electronically from schools that submit their transcript data to the state. Applicants who attend such a school will be asked to input their State Student ID (SSID) number into their application, whereupon their transcript will be directly imported from the state in real-time. The information is displayed to the applicant where they are asked to validate its accuracy. If it is not accurate, they can work with the high school to get the transcript corrected and then reload it into the application, or choose to self-report their transcript. If the information comes directly from the state, it is an official transcript and the applicant would not need to submit another transcript if admitted.

Applicants from Outside of Utah
Those outside of Utah, or that attend a high school that does not submit transcript information to the state of Utah, will self-report their transcript. These applicants will need to send an official transcript to us once admitted.

Once received we will validate the self-reported information against the official transcript. Discrepancies may be grounds for the rescinding of admission to BYU so it is very important that students be accurate in their self-reporting.