Avenues to BYU - Other Ways to Have a BYU Experience

BYU offers alternate enrollment opportunities for those students who have not been formally admitted as day-continuing students, or who want to supplement their experience at other schools. Students hoping for future admission to BYU can use continuing education credits to reapply for regular admission to BYU by the appropriate deadline. Listed below are the enrollment options through our Continuing Education program. Click on each section's header to access the respective site:

Evening Classes - The Department of Evening Classes supports 59 of the university's 74 academic departments by offering courses taught by their faculty and part-time instructors after 4:00 PM. Students enrolled in evening classes include full-time BYU students whose schedules better align with evening enrollment, along with students enrolled only through the Evening Classes department. Evening class enrollment for non-matriculated BYU students is limited to 8.5 credit hours per semester. Non-BYU students interested in evening enrollment should submit the Clearance to Register form and an ecclesiastical endorsement. 

Salt Lake Center -  Located downtown at the Triad Center, the BYU Salt Lake Center is a convenient option for students who live in the northern Wasatch Front. This location is easily accessible by Trax, FrontRunner, and local bus routes. While the enrollment process mirrors that of Evening Classes, BYU Salt Lake also offers day classes without the 8.5 semester credit hour cap. Some students will combine BYU Evening Classes enrollment with BYU Salt Lake enrollment in order to maximize credit hours and participate in the social element of the Provo campus and surrounding area. 

Independent Study - This online option offers more than 550 courses to students across the country and in over 90 countries. Fully accredited, enrollment is open to anyone, at anytime, with a full year to complete most courses. Classes include university, high school, middle school, and free noncredit course offerings. 

Visiting Student - While not associated with the Division of Continuing Education, the Spring/Summer Visiting Student program is another option for students not yet formally admitted to BYU. Visiting students can enroll in day or evening classes during the spring and/or summer terms at BYU. Credits earned can be transferred back to previously attended colleges and can also be used for a future application to attend BYU full-time. Many student amenities are open to our visiting students, including the chance to work on campus!

Prospective students should be aware of a few caveats in order to make informed decisions.

  • These individual programs are considered "non-degree seeking." This means students enrolled in these programs only do not qualify for federal financial aid.
  • With rare exception, students are not eligible for scholarships.
  • Outside of the Visiting Student program, students may not work on campus.

These supplemental programs provide flexibility for existing students and a learning opportunity for those not enrolled but who still want to learn.