BYU Health Center - Excelling in Student Health Services

At the BYU Student Health Center, we understand how important it is that your son or daughter have access to the best possible medical care while attending BYU. We want to assure you that we excel in providing student health services. In fact, we serve only BYU students, they are our one and only focus and we care about each and every one of them. If the scope of care is beyond our primary care focus we have a network of specialists who are ready to help when needed.

Our team of medical professionals are all board certified, friendly and devoted to student health concerns. Each one was selected for their outstanding clinical performance and their compassionate patient care.

Cost is always a concern to students and their parents, so we keep our charges the lowest in the region and we accept most insurances as well. In addition, we offer a Student Health Plan. If you are interested in the Student Health Plan, visit us at to learn more.

Because we are located on campus, the Student Health Center’s urgent care facility can provide a quick answer to any emergency that may arise. With an in-house pharmacy available, students also never need to leave campus to have a prescription filled!

Please see our website,, or contact us with any questions at 801-422-2771. We are here to serve you and your student.

Debbie Eyre works at the Student Health Center.