BYU OneStop: No Need to Run Around

BYU OneStop – Answers to Your Questions

OneStop is a BYU department that assists students in the areas of Financial Aid, Scholarships, Admissions, Registration and Student Accounts. In addition to our physical offices, OneStop has a website to help students have a successful BYU experience. One of OneStop’s objectives is to create a smooth transition from high school to college. To aid in this transition, OneStop provides students and parents with information needed in order to get started. Within the website, there are checklists and tasks to help students before and throughout their time at BYU. The OneStop website can be found at The site is conveniently mobile-friendly, as well!

Here is a short overview of how to get the most out of using the BYU OneStop website:

Students can find a step-by-step process or link on how to complete tasks such as paying for tuition, applying for scholarships, deferring for a mission, adding money to their BYU ID card, and other resources. “Do It” links navigate directly to the website needed to complete the specific task.

Whether your student is starting their first semester at BYU, going on a mission or graduating, OneStop provides a list of common tasks for students to consider through our checklists.

The “Just Admitted New Freshman Checklist” (there are also checklists for Just Admitted International, Transfer, and Visiting students) will walk your student through important steps to complete before arriving on campus. This checklist will help with tasks such as housing, scholarships, financial aid, class registration, transferring AP and college credit, and mission deferments. They simply click on the item they are interested in, and the checklist will expand to give information needed to get started. Use the “Do It” links to complete transactions or find out more information.  

The OneStop website makes it possible to customize your checklists and keep track of your progress.  Students login and click “Follow” on any OneStop task, office, or checklist in order to add that item to their myOneStop.  If logged in these items will be saved on myOneStop and can be accessed again when they return to the website. 

How to use the OneStop website for frequently asked questions:

When and how do I register?
(Checklists > Just Admitted [New Freshman] > Class Registration)

Find links to the University Core (general education requirements) and MyMAP (the registration/course planning system). Students find their priority registration dates in the MyMAP “Register” tab. 

How much is tuition, when is it due, and when do I pay it?
(Checklists > Just Admitted [New Freshman] > Pay Tuition)

The tuition deadline is 7 days before the first day of class, and paying by this date will avoid “holds” on the student’s registration and other consequences of late tuition payment.

The recommended payment option is an eCheck, which is free, safe, and easy.  Students enter the routing and account numbers from their paper checks and it’s done! If a credit card is used to pay tuition, fees, or short-term loan balances, a 2% processing fee will be charged to the student.

I’m going a mission, what do I do?
(Checklists > Missionary)

The Missionary Checklist will help students get everything in order before they leave. It links to the mission deferment form, information about granting third-party access to student accounts, and more.

How do I get financial aid?
(Checklists > Financial Aid)

Students can find college cost estimates, budget worksheets, and additional resources to explore. 

If they applied for a scholarship, they will be notified through My Financial Center> Message Center in mid-April. All students will be notified whether they receive a scholarship or not. 

These are just a few of the offerings OneStop provides. We invite you to explore yourself. We also have a physical presence on campus if you need further assistance. If students still have questions after searching our website, we are just a phone call or YMessage away. Feel free to contact us at:

BYU OneStop
D-155 ASB
(801) 422-4104
Or electronically through

Noelle Pitcher is the OneStop Coordinator. She manages, helps with marketing and social media, and plans fun events like campus campaigns and New Student Orientation.