BYU Store: Technology Needs

Because we get so many questions from parents about technology needs the first week of school, we thought we would share some answers before you bring your students to BYU.  My name is Craig Tracy, and I am the supervisor over CougarTech in the BYU store. I have worked here for over 20 years and consequently, I have seen a few changes.

Microsoft Office 365

Probably the #1 question we get during orientation is about Microsoft Office.  It is free to all students enrolled at BYU.  Find the link for this download below.  The IT group on campus states that your student should be able to download the product once they are officially admitted.  If you run into any problems with this process, you can contact the Office of IT at 801-422-4000.


Academic Pricing on Computers  

All Apple computers have academic pricing on them and then the bonus is that all students, faculty and staff do not have to pay sales tax on their computer purchase.  This is a $67.50 savings on a $1000.00 purchase with the tax exemption savings.  The average savings with academic pricing on Apple starts at $50.00 on the low end and up to $200.00 on the high end.  An average total savings of at least $180.00 on any Apple purchase with the tax and academic pricing combined. 

Traditionally, Apple will run a back to school promotion starting at the end of June or the first part of July.  Last year this promotion was buy a Mac and get a free pair of Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones, but we do not yet know what it will be this year.  Last year it was a $300.00 value!

A new opportunity for all alumni is that you, too, now qualify for academic pricing on Apple products this year for your own personal purchases.  So, now your student is not the only one who can get the academic pricing.  More details will be forthcoming through email.

Dell will also run a promotion exclusively through College Campus Stores.  Starting May 1st, they will run a $150.00 cash rebate on any computer purchased at $699.99 or above.  We stock several Dell computers, but can also custom build any computer you may want from Dell. In addition, you do not pay sales tax on these units.  Click HERE for details on Dell.


Wi-Fi Routers

If your student is living in on-campus housing, the routers for wireless connections are not provided in the housing unit.  There are also some specific recommendations for the router that will work best with the campus network.  Minimum specifications are as follows: Dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to help avoid signal interference, extra wired ports on the router with gigabit speed preferred. 802.11ac support is also recommended for faster connection. I understand this is speaking “computer talk” and if you would like someone to use English to explain the terms you can contact us by phone at 801-422-7119 or by e-mail at

We carry several brands of these recommended routers and try to buy in bulk for back to school on the most popular routers. We do our best to have competitive pricing by buying in bulk on at least one model. As we get closer to the fall semester, we will post these on our website for the latest version of routers.

Repair and Support

We are an authorized warranty repair center for Apple and do warranty service on Dell computers. Consequently, if you buy a Dell Laptop or Apple computer we can cover your needs for repair and warranty support on these devices! We sell manufacturers’ extended warranties on the Apple computers. We also sell accidental warranties for all PC computers and Apple computers bought through our store or elsewhere. There are some limitations of coverage on the accidental warranties to cover laptops purchased elsewhere. Please see us for details.

New to our store is that we can repair all Apple iPhone and iPad devices in warranty or out of warranty! This is just one more convenient service that we hope to provide in order that your student can stay connected and on task.