BYU Student Financial Fitness Center
Pay for school, avoid debt, take charge of your $$$

Our Mission: Help each student to wisely assume responsibility for their own financial well-being.

Our friends in the Office of First-Year Experience produced this “wordle” chart (2012), based upon responses from parents and students, clearly showing that when it comes to concerns for our college-bound sons and daughters, one of our greatest worries is “Finances.”

The Academic Support Office also confirms that one reason students struggle academically is worry and distraction over financial concerns.

Developing a plan to pay for school, and avoiding debt as much as possible, can help ease these concerns, and help students to feel more confident about their enrollment at the university.

In the BYU Financial Fitness Center, it is our mission to help each student to wisely assume responsibility for their own financial well-being.  We serve as a trusted resource for financial guidance and information, and help students to acquire and refine financial management skills.  We can help students pay for school, avoid debt, and take charge of their finances.

Visit our website for information about how you can assist as a concerned parent, and for additional ideas to help your student manage well financially as they attend the university.  To speak with a counselor, please contact our office at (801) 422-7355.

Paul Conrad serves as the Manager of the BYU Financial Fitness Center, and teaches Family Finance as an adjunct instructor at the BYU Salt Lake Center.