BYU Student Health Insurance Requirement
And how the Student Health Center can help!

BYU has found that students who have their health and medical needs met without high out-of-pocket costs are more likely to succeed in their educational goals; therefore, BYU students are required to be insured.

Who is required?

  • Students who have at least 9 or more credits during Fall OR Winter semesters .
  • Students who have at least 4.5 credits during Spring OR Summer terms.
  • Students who are considered ¾ time students for that entire academic year and are required to maintain health insurance.

This means that even if a student takes 9 credits in FALL and then takes Winter, Spring and Summer off, they are required to maintain health insurance throughout the year as long as they are continuing BYU Students (meaning they’ll be back in the next Fall Semester).

What if I want the Student Health Plan, but I’m not a ¾ time student?
Any student with at least .5 credits will be eligible to enroll in the Student Health Plan. Students under ¾ time will not be automatically enrolled, but can contact the Health Plan Office to become enrolled.

What insurances fulfill the requirement?
Students can fulfill this insurance requirement by:

  • Purchasing the BYU Student Health Plan.
  • Being enrolled in a United States-based Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance.
  • Having private coverage, and letting the University know they are already insured by submitting a waiver.
    • The plan must be in effect before the add/drop date of each Semester/Term that the student is waiving.

Students who are ¾ time but don’t report their insurance coverage will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Plan. BYU verifies student waivers throughout the academic year to ensure students report accurate insurance information.

What if my insurance changes?

  • Anytime a student loses insurance throughout the school year, they can enroll in the Student Health Plan.
  • If a student’s insurance policy changes during the year, they must report the new insurance information to the Student Health Plan Office.
  • A student may be removed from the Student Health Plan mid-year if they obtain other coverage.

Why should I enroll in the Student Health Plan?
The BYU Student Health Plan is an affordable insurance option that provides for most medical needs right in the Student Health Center on campus. For students, there is no deductible--only a low $10 office visit copayment for services received in the Health Center. Additionally, students on the Health Plan are covered for services everywhere in the world—not just Provo.

How do I pay for the Health Plan?
The Health Plan is paid at the beginning of each Semester/Term through the student’s My Financial Center. 

How can I find out more?


Bradley Lebaron, Director of the SHC, and Debbie Eyre, Administrative Assistant/Advertising, co-wrote this article.