On-Campus Jobs

Adam Decker, a junior studying business, said his first experience with the Student Employment Office could have gone better. “I had to come in two or three times,” said Decker. “I wasn’t sure what documents I needed.” Too many students don’t know what documents to bring with them to BYU in order to be hired, and most aren’t sure where to even begin looking for an on-campus job. The good news is that these issues can be easily solved, and we want to give you the inside scoop!

First and foremost, searching and applying for on-campus jobs is easier than ever and can be done anywhere your student has access to the internet.

  • To begin a search, start at studentjobs.byu.edu, and log in using the student’s BYU Net ID and password. Once they have logged in, they can search jobs, apply online and sign up for a weekly email of current job openings.
  • After logging into studentjobs.byu.edu, if the student receives an error message, encourage him/her to clear the cache and cookies in the web browser. This should enable logging in without any problems. If needed, please call Student Employment Services at (801) 422-3562, ext. 2, for additional help.
  • Once logged in, students can search and apply for jobs. Since students can apply from home, distance does not need to be a factor in beating the fall semester rush for an on-campus job. Many departments are willing to conduct over-the-phone or video interviews for students who are not yet in Provo.
  • Please note that students must have graduated from high school, and been accepted to spring/summer term or fall semester in order to be eligible to work on campus.
  • When logged in to studentjobs.byu.edu the student also has the option to sign up for a weekly email of current job openings. If he/she requests to be added, a weekly announcement listing all current student job openings will be sent to his/her email of choice. Taking advantage of this free service is highly recommended.    

Once a position is offered, what does a student need in order to be hired?

  • Each new employee will need to complete a federal Form I-9. The following website shows options of documents the student can use to verify his/her work eligibility.
  • Please note that original, unlaminated and unexpired documents are required. We encourage you to visit this site and become familiar with the documents they will need to bring before leaving home. Having appropriate documents in hand when coming to the Student Employment office can alleviate frustration and save a significant amount of time in mailing or obtaining documents after the fact, and will help them get straight to work!
  • It is also advantageous for parents and new freshman to understand that while working on campus most students are eligible for an exception to FICA tax (7.65% of a student’s paycheck). On average, this benefit equates to an extra $50/month for a student who is working part-time and eligible for the exemption.
  • This benefit is not available to students working off campus. If you take this benefit and the savings on transportation costs into consideration, working on campus is an excellent way to help pay for school!

For questions regarding any of the topics covered in this article, please contact Student Employment Services at (801)422-3562, ext. 2, or email studentemployment@byu.edu


Jenifer Jarvis is the manager of Student Employment.