Off-Campus Scholarships: Search, Apply, and Earn
BYU awards millions of dollars each year in institutional scholarship funds. But outside of BYU, there are thousands of scholarships from a host of sources just waiting to be utilized. It's not too late to apply...

An off-campus scholarship is a scholarship students receive from a granting organization other than BYU. The scholarship granting organization will generally send the money directly to BYU. This is how they verify the student is, in fact, enrolled at BYU. The BYU Financial Aid Office automatically places the credit hour requirement for off-campus scholarships at .5 credits (less-than-half-time) and will not require a maintained GPA UNLESS the granting organization specifies otherwise in the correspondence they send BYU.

Unless directed by the granting organization, the funds will not be split up and will be applied to the current semester of enrollment (i.e. If we receive funds in June and we see that the student is not enrolled in spring/summer, the scholarship will be applied to fall semester charges, so long as the student is enrolled). If the student or the granting agency wishes otherwise, we will need a written request.  Students should send a YMessage while the agency should send an email to

If an admitted student is going on a mission, it is up to the granting organization to allow scholarships to be deferred. Students will need to check with the agency and have them send correspondence to, or to the following mailing address: BYU Off-Campus Scholarships, A-41 ASB, Provo, UT 84602.  

As an additional service, BYU provides a list of off-campus scholarships that can be used for undergraduate and/or graduate school enrollment. To access this resource, please click HERE.

Lastly, BYU has compiled an inventory of trusted online scholarship search engines.  Click HERE for that especially helpful information.