Continuing Students

If your student will continue attending BYU in the future, here are a few things they will need to take care of to prepare for the following year.

  • March 1 – Continuing Student Scholarship Deadline: Students who wish to apply for campus-wide academic, need-based, or private scholarships offered through the Financial Aid Office should complete the application found here by March 1st. Some colleges and departments offer additional scholarships which may have different deadlines. For information regarding college and department scholarships, contact the appropriate advisement center.
  • March 1 – FAFSA completed for need based scholarships: The FAFSA is required in addition to BYU’s scholarship application for consideration for need-based awards and some private awards. It can be filled out here.
  • March 15 - Ecclesiastical Endorsement: Each year continuing students are required to complete an ecclesiastical endorsement as part of their continued commitment to living the BYU Honor Code. First, students fill out their part of the form here. Then, they schedule a meeting with their bishop or clergy member to review the Honor Code together, and the bishop submits the ecclesiastical endorsement.
  • Class Registration:  Registration for Spring/Summer 2017 opens on February 1st. Registration for Fall 2017 will be assigned based on the number of credits each student has. The dates are assigned and posted to MyMAP a few weeks before registration begins in March.
  • Housing – On or Off-Campus: Whether your student wishes to live on or off-campus next fall, now is the time to start looking at options. For on-campus options, check out BYU’s On-Campus Housing website. If your student is more interested in off-campus options, there are many ways to find out more. Start here with BYU’s Housing Guide. Word of mouth and facebook groups are also ways that a lot of students find places to live. One thing to keep in mind is that single students are required to live in BYU contracted housing, so encourage your student to check with the Off-Campus Housing Office to make sure their dream apartment is approved before signing the lease.