Decisions, Deadlines, and Dorms: What happens after February 1?
The weeks between the final admission deadline and the release of admission notifications are admittedly difficult for anxious students. But the official notification of admission is just the first of many contacts to come from the university...

The February 1 admission deadline has come and gone! Now, it s the waiting game. But once admission decisions are released, there are other important notifications and processes that will soon follow.  Here is a brief summary of what's to come:

ADMISSION NOTIFICATIONS:  It is anticipated that admission decisions for freshman and transfer applicants will be released on an unspecified day near the end of February. While other CES institutions (BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, and LDS Business College) have already started the notification process, BYU applicants should not anticipate hearing from the BYU Admissions Office until the last day of February.  All applicants will be notified by email. This notification will direct the student to his or her STATUS screen, where the admission decision will be accessible. Along with the admission decisions, helpful checklists or FAQs will be provided as a resource for both the admitted student population and those who were unfortunately not admitted to BYU.  

SCHOLARSHIP NOTIFICATION:  Admitted freshmen will be notified of academic, private, and need-based scholarships by the end of April. Academic awards for admitted freshmen will be based on the Freshman Scholarship Matrix. Talent/Department scholarship recipients will be notified intermittently according to the specific area awarding the scholarship.  All newly admitted students will be notified of their scholarship status through their YMessage account.  

REGISTRATION NOTIFICATION:  Freshmen admitted to summer term may begin registering for classes immediately upon admission notification.  In reality, summer registration began on February 1 for all current BYU students, so newly admitted freshmen for summer term will want to begin the registration process quickly. Students admitted to begin either summer or fall will receive detailed registration instructions contained in a OneStop checklist linked from the admit letter. Please encourage your admitted students to read the checklist.      

HOUSING NOTIFICATION: Within days of being notified of admission, students will receive information in their My Housing Account regarding room selection dates and roommate preferences. Remember, room selection dates are based on when the student completed his or her admission application. Additional information will be provided in the OneStop just-admitted new student checklist and the on-campus housing site,

FEDERAL AID NOTIFICATION:  It would be wise for your students—if they haven't already— to begin the FAFSA process upon being admitted to BYU.  Federal aid awarding for the summer term will begin in mid-April.  Awarding for the fall semester begins in mid-June.  Funds will be posted to student accounts in the days leading up to the first day of class.