Exercise Facilities and Lazyman Ironman
In his book, “School and Fireside,” Brigham Young Academy Principal Karl G. Maeser said, “Play and recreation are more than mere diversions, they are recuperative requisites in the process of physical, intellectual, and moral development” (p. 285).

Did you know that there are FREE activity facilities available to your full-time student? Brigham Young University offers a wide variety of wellness activities to full-time students including a cardio/weight room, pool, racquetball, tennis (indoor and outdoor), volleyball, free access to a fitness trainer, and much more! Below you will find some valuable information you can read and then share with your student.

General Information

  • Current, full-time BYU students (12 hrs. F & W; 6 hrs. SP & SU) have facility use privileges for no fee. They can present their BYU ID card or net ID at 112 RB Information Center or the locker room counter to pick up a daily wristband.
  • BYU activity facilities are monitored with a wristband system; all Open Play users must wear a wristband when using the facilities. Anyone found participating without a wristband will be asked to leave the activity area until a wristband is obtained. 
  • Facility supervisors/building coordinators monitor the buildings for appropriate use of the facilities. They also monitor for wristbands and university standards. If necessary, they coordinate with Facility Administration and the police.
  • Students can rent lockers in the RB locker rooms for $10. The fee includes towel service, locker, and a place to change and shower. Hall lockers in the RB are also available to full-time BYU students for $5 per semester and $5 per spring/summer.
  • Students can also use their BYU ID card to check out equipment such as basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, tennis racquets and tennis balls, and badminton racquets and birdies from the locker rooms.
  • Activity appropriate dress, as well as grooming standards, apply in all activity facilities.
  • Activity facilities are for the specific use of BYU students and eligible BYU employees, however, eligible dependents and an occasional guest may use the facilities following university guidelines. No one under the age of 16 is allowed in the weight rooms.

Part-time BYU Students

  • Part-time (PT) BYU students may purchase facility use privileges at 112 RB Information Center for $45 per semester and $22.50 per term. PT students then have the same privileges as FT students, with the exception of the Intramural Sports program which requires an additional fee. Continuing BYU students, who attended winter semester and who are registered for the following fall semester, may purchase facility use privileges for the same price as part-time students.

For more information, other programs, and pictures visit rbfacilities.byu.edu.

Lazy Man Ironman

Each Fall and Winter semester BYU hosts a Lazy Man Ironman, which allows participants to complete the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run over the course of a month rather than in a single day. These events do not have to be completed in order. The Fall semester Lazy Man Ironman starts on October 1st and ends the 31st. Tally cards are available at the Information Desk at RB 112 for a $5 entry fee, and must be picked up before October 1st. Each participant is responsible to keep track of his/her own progress on the assigned tally cards. Once all events are completed, participants can turn in their tally card at the Student Wellness Center (203 RB) to receive a T-shirt! It's a great way to cement a habit of regular exercise.

Charlotte Shurtz works in the SAAS Executive Director’s Office and is the Parent Newsletter Editor.