Explore What Majors Might be a Good Fit for Your Student

Has your student begun considering a major? While he or she isn’t required to have decided on a major before beginning classes, knowing what majors BYU offers may help guide your student to a field that really interests him or her. Below are some resources to help you and your student learn about majors offered at BYU.

  • The Advisement Resources page provides a good introduction to BYU majors and also provides 12 useful steps to deciding on a major.
  • The Undergraduate Majors page provides a comprehensive list of all majors offered at BYU as well as associated emphases.
  • Should your student be interested in minoring in a specific field, the Undergraduate Minors page will give you a list.
  • Some majors require an application for student admission into a major program. These programs are called Limited Enrollment Programs. Knowing if your student needs to apply for their major will help them choose classes based on what the major requires for admission.
  • Jumpstart is a series of tutorials to orient new students on information they need prior to arrival at BYU.

These are just a few online resources to use before your student comes to campus. Face-to-face advisement is also a valuable resource your student should take advantage of once they are on campus. Below are some resources for advisement questions.

  • Students who have not decided on a major should contact the University Advisement Center (Local: 801-422-3826 Toll free: 877-890-5519 Email:university_advisement@byu.edu).
  • Students with a major or with questions about a specific major should look up the specific major advisement center by clicking here and then clicking the drop-down menu based on the college of their major.