First-Year Arts Discount Card

$9,418. That is the estimated cost for a student to attend a fall or winter semester at BYU. This $9,000 includes tuition, housing, transportation, personal expenses, books, and school supplies, but the list does state that personal expenses vary according to personal spending choices. 

How much will your student spend on personal expenses and social events? We’ve got something to help ease some of those costs: the First-Year Student Arts Card.

The First-Year Student Arts Card is sponsored by the Office of First-Year Experience and is given to all freshman and transfer students. The Aims of a BYU Education state that students should be educated in many broad areas, including the arts with a “lively appreciation of the artistic, literary, and intellectual achievements of human cultures” ( Through the Arts Card program we hope to introduce students to BYU Arts, just one of the many great opportunities at BYU to supplement the learning that occurs inside the classroom. We also encourage students to use this opportunity to develop lifelong habits of being involved in the arts.

The Arts Card includes events across a broad range of performing arts: music, dance, and theatre. With the card, students pay only $3 per selected event. The events selected for 2019-2020 are listed here.

To purchase discounted tickets, first year students simply show their Arts Card and Student ID Card at the BYU Ticket Office in the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC) or at the Marriott Center. The card allows for one discounted ticket per event.

New students can get their Arts Card from their Peer Mentor. Transfer students can get their Arts Card at New Student Orientation or from the Office of First-Year Experience (2014 JKB).

Daidre Hulick is the New Student Orientation Administrator and Phi Eta Sigma Adviser for the Office of First-Year Experience.