Freshman Academic Scholarships: The 2017/18 Matrix
While BYU's tuition is extremely low, many students are helped further by virtue of their academic achievements...

Prospective new freshmen are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships beginning with the term/semester they are admitted. Freshmen applying for the summer/fall 2017 enrollments must submit all admissions materials to the Admissions Office by the scholarship deadline of February 1 in order to be considered for scholarships. Brigham Young University anticipates awarding more than 1,500 incoming freshman students an academic scholarship.  Multi-year full, one-year full, and one-year half tuition awards will be awarded based on the following academic scholarship matrix: 

BYU New Freshman Academic Scholarship Matrix 2017/2018

Approximately 25 percent of incoming freshmen receive an academic scholarship from the university. While subject to change, target figures for these awards are as follows:

Thomas S. Monson Presidential Scholarship (multi-year) 50 awarded
Heritage/National Merit (multi-year) 200 awarded
Brigham Young - Full (1 year, full LDS tuition) 450 awarded
Brigham Young - Half (1 year, half LDS tuition) 980 awarded

To apply for BYU-related scholarships outside of the freshman academic matrix awards, students should complete the Scholarship Application.  BYU's director of financial aid, Steve Hill, counsels all students, "Please complete the separate online scholarship application so that we can consider you for every scholarship for which you may be eligible, including some that you may not even know are available. We will share the information in the application with other departments on campus that also offer scholarships."  As stated previously, the freshman scholarship deadline is February 1. There is not an earlier priority deadline for the scholarship application.

Scholarship notification will occur a few weeks after admission notification. We will inform students of scholarship decisions via Y-Message. Later, as one-year awards near expiration, BYU students are encouraged to reapply each year for continuing student scholarships by the March 1 deadline.  While many students begin at BYU without a scholarship, continuing student scholarships make it possible to eventually earn an academic award. BYU offers scholarships as an investment in the education of select students who have demonstrated a serious and diligent commitment to academic excellence. By accepting the gift of a scholarship, students pledge to use the investment wisely to prepare for meaningful academic pursuits and a lifetime of engaged service.