A Gift to Prospective Students: The Financial Aid & Scholarships Edition
Brigham Young University is committed to the highest level of educational attainment while maintaining costs that are among the most reasonable in the country...

While visions of sugarplums dance in some heads, others may turn Grinch-y when considering the first TUITION DUE payment! December is a unique month when the holiday and admission seasons converge. College and Christmas - each can be a source of great joy; each is better managed with some financial forethought. In a 2016 report from College Board, the average tuition for a full-time academic year at a public four-year institution has increased 38% over the last decade!  The average in-state tuition for a public four-year institution is now $9,650.  For private four-year schools, the average tuition is $33,480. Tuition at BYU, a private four-year school? $5,300. As a private institution owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, BYU has shown a dedicated effort to facilitate higher education across the socioeconomic spectrum. Our aim is to inform students of the costs associated with attendance, and then assist students in managing the dynamics of funding their educational pursuits.  This institutional priority is known and recognized nationally.

In early 2016, Money Magazine released their distinctive rankings that took into account the quality of an institution's education, the affordability of that particular school, and what graduates from the school could anticipate earning upon entering the workforce.  Money's Top Five included the following: 1- Princeton  2- Michigan  3- Harvard  4- Rice, and tied at 5- UC Berkeley and BYU!  Here are other national rankings that speak to BYU's focus on sustainable student costs:

#1 Best College for Your Money College Factual, 2016
#2 America's Best Value Colleges Forbes, 2016
#15 Best Value School U.S. News, 2016

What does it cost to attend BYU?  Here is a detailed review of the university's official cost of attendance. Other articles of this December newsletter will cover strategies of how students can pay for their BYU education: scholarships, employment, federal aid, and so on.  We hope you'll refer your current applicants to this newsletter as financial questions arise.

Two Semester Cost of Attendance at BYU 
LDS Tuition
Fixed cost based on full-time enrollment
$ 5,300
Non-LDS Tuition
Fixed cost based on full-time enrollment
$ 10,600

Room and Board
Undergrad based on Helaman Halls shared room and 

Dining Dollars Blue meal plan. Cost varies depending
on student's choice of on- or off-campus housing

$ 7,448

Books and Supplies
Cost varies depending on requirements for
enrolled courses

$ 812

Personal Expenses*
Cost varies depending on personal spending choices

$ 2,200

Cost varies depending on method of


$ 2,300
Loan Fees $ 60
LDS Total: $ 18,120
Non-LDS Total: $ 23,420

Amounts for tuition and books & supplies will be reduced for less than full-time enrollment which can effect your loan eligibility.

*Personal expenses include the cost of BYU health insurance premiums for a single student. BYU health insurance is required if you are not covered by another annual policy. Students are billed each semester and term for the entire academic year including future periods of non-attendance.