Helping Your Student Get Around BYU

One of the biggest concerns of students attending BYU is having a mode of transportation. It’s important for your student to be able to join in social activities and be a part of the community. In order to do that, your student needs a way to get to those activities. In past years, having a car has been crucial to get anywhere outside of BYU. However, Provo is changing and evolving. Now many neighborhoods in Provo have densities that rival Manhattan. Because of that, the city has made efforts to create a more walkable city. Wider sidewalks, more accessible grocery stores, and a reliable public transportation are just some of the ways that Provo has made it easier for your students to travel. Below is a list of different ways your student will be able to get around BYU and the Provo community:


BYU campus has been designed to be pedestrian friendly. It takes 10-15 minutes to walk from one end of the main campus to the other. Plus, with all the services offered on campus (a grocery store, food court, post office, health center, and dry cleaning), your student won’t have to go very far to get things done.


Last December, BYU President Worthen announced that beginning August 2018, BYU students and employees — as well as their spouses and other dependents — will receive free UTA passes, which can be used on the BRT and bus systems.

In August of 2018, the newest addition to Provo Public Transportation will be operational. Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, will begin service for BYU and UVU students, as well as other residents of Provo. BRT service will begin at South Provo, around the Provo Towne Center and stop at the Provo FrontRunner Station, loop around BYU (with stops on the south, east, and north edges of campus) and then head towards Orem and UVU, with a stop at University Place and the Orem Wal-Mart. With dedicated lanes and buses every six minutes during peak times, BRT will be a great way for students to get to many destinations quickly and easily. For more information click here.


For the summer, students can purchase a Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bus pass. Starting in August, they will be able to use their BYU ID card as a UTA pass. There are bus stops just off campus and other stops close to destinations like grocery stores and shopping malls. This bus system is running now and will continue to run alongside the BRT system. You can find info on UTA student passes here.


Many students ride bikes. After registering a bike with University Police (this process also registers the bike with Provo City), a student can park at any rack on campus. At many bike rack stations, there are also bike pumps and bike maintenance stations. Be aware that students cannot ride bikes on sidewalks during class breaks. More information and resources can be found at

Bike Share:

Bike Share is BYU’s bike rental program, which provides students with their own bike for a minimum of one semester (or term). The cruiser-style bikes are great for moving around town and getting to and from campus.  The cost includes basic bike maintenance and a bike lock. $45/semester ($25/term); open to on-campus housing students during fall/winter semesters; open to all students during spring/summer terms. Students can register or find more information at

The Ryde:

The Ryde offers a free shuttle service to campus at no cost for students from several locations. The shuttle runs every 15-20 minutes during high demand times (7:30-10:00am, 3:00-6:00pm). Three routes cover the south end of campus, one covers the west end, and the other covers the north end by Wyview and the Student Health Center. For more details and a map of stops, click here.


A car is not necessary for a student living on campus or for many students living off campus. All students must register their vehicles with BYU and park in designated parking lots. Students may choose to pay $60 for Fall and $60 for Winter semester to park in the ‘Y’ and ‘U’ lots. There are three free lots that are located about 15-20 minutes walking distance from campus. Be aware that there is NO on-site parking at Heritage Halls, but there is some at Helaman and Wyview. Residents living in Wyview will be given complimentary 'Y' lot parking privileges. (However, Wyview is a 19+ community.) You can find more details here.

Pro Tip: BYU doesn't allow long boards, skate boards, razor scooters, or rollerblades on campus. Students are free to ride them to campus and then carry them to class.

Hannah Tausinga is a student at BYU.