Housing and Meal Plan – Get Started with Housing!

Your students have been admitted to BYU and now need somewhere to live . . . but where to start? 

The first thing to know is that all single BYU students are required to live in BYU contracted housing, which means they can only live on-campus or in apartments/condos/houses whose owners have signed an agreement to foster an honor code-friendly environment within the living space. Exceptions to this rule are made for students who will be living at home while taking classes. These students must complete a waiver application, which can be found at och.byu.edu.

On-Campus Housing

Why on-campus?  Studies have shown that freshmen who live on campus generally have higher GPAs than their off-campus counterparts, and are nearly half as likely to be placed in an academic at-risk group.  It also gives them the chance to have hall advisors and resident assistants who can not only help with the transition from home to school, but who are trained to spot signs of extreme homesickness or depression. Hall staff also organize multiple activities for residents throughout the year!

How to Apply:

Since there is no separate housing application, all students admitted to BYU are eligible to live on campus. Each admitted student is assigned a room selection date based on when he or she submitted the completed admission application to BYU. A message will be posted to your message board in My Housing Account stating your room selection date and time. Remember: you will not be able to select a bedspace until the time on your room selection date. For more information regarding on-campus housing and the room selection process, check out the On-Campus Housing webpage. Options and availability depend on the number of students contracting for on-campus housing.

BYU offers the following housing options:

  • Helaman Halls features small refrigerators in each room, as well as wireless internet, laundry facilities, storage areas, and piano rooms in each building.  Students can choose to live in a shared room with a sink or a suite. Because they do not have access to full kitchens, residents are required to have a meal plan and may choose from the Dining Dollars Blue, Open Door 7, Basic, or Dining Plus meal plans.  
  • Heritage Halls features apartment-style housing divided into residences of 2 or 3 shared rooms. Heritage buildings have wireless internet. All apartments have a kitchen, dining space, living area, and bathroom(s). Meal plans are not required, but still highly recommended, especially as they can be used to buy groceries at the nearby BYU Creamery. Note: there is NO student parking available at Heritage Halls.  If students wish to bring a car, alternate parking will be available as shown here.

Get more information on the On-Campus Housing website.

Off-Campus Housing

If your students would rather live off-campus, they must live in BYU contracted housing. Not all housing in Provo is contracted with BYU. Check to make sure the facility is contracted before signing a contract.  For questions  go to the Off-Campus Housing website

Meal Plans

Why a meal plan? Finding time to plan meals, buy groceries, cook, and do dishes between classes and homework can be really stressful for new students! All students may purchase a meal plan and enjoy the great dining locations all over campus so they can eat healthy and delicious meals whenever they have time! With access to everything from sit-down restaurants to vending machine snacks between classes to groceries at the Creamery, meal plan participants can find the food they need with the schedule they have. Meal plans are also a fantastic budgeting tool for new students. Plans like Eating Essentials give students a weekly allotment of Dining Dollars so you know they have access all year long.

Where can my students use their meal plan? Meal plan Dining Dollars can be spent not only in the all-you-care-to-eat dining area of the Cannon Center (located near Helaman Halls), but also at the Cougareat, the Skyroom, and Jamba Juice, all located in the Wilkinson Student Center.  Legends Grille in the Student Athlete Building, The Blue Line in the Tanner Building, the MOA Café, and the Creameries, which are located at each on-campus housing complex.

Sharylann Smith works in Campus Accommodations.