It's Almost Here: The February 1 Deadline
In the days leading up to our application's final deadline, there are a few remaining reminders that could serve students well...

Welcome back from your Christmas holiday break!  On the campus of Brigham Young University, the Admissions office is experiencing a near-record amount of applications. With the February 1 deadline so close, some relevant considerations may still exist for you and your prospective BYU students:

ACT/SAT Results - BYU will factor in test results from the recently taken December ACT and SAT national exams.  If your students' December test results represent their highest scores, please ensure those scores are sent to us, either through the ACT/SAT channels or by sending us an updated transcript with the December scores included.  Students who met the December 1 priority deadline WILL NOT have their priority status revoked by virtue of sending us December test results. These scores may be helpful from both admission and scholarship perspectives.

High School Transcripts - Related to exam results, if your students would like BYU to consider recently completed high school grades, applicants can submit updated high school transcripts.  We will factor those latest results into our admissions review as long as the transcripts are postmarked by February 1.  As mentioned in previous newsletters, high schools can also send transcripts electronically.  Neither the high school nor the prospective student is obligated, though, to send additional high school transcripts after we've received the original submission.  It is up to the student's discretion to submit any updated information by the February 1 deadline.  As with standardized test scores, high school grades will factor into both admission and scholarship consideration.

Scholarship Deadline - While many BYU freshman applicants completed the admission application by the December 1 priority deadline, many still need to complete the scholarship application. Encourage your students, regardless of academic achievements, to submit the BYU scholarship application by February 1.  By so doing, these students will be eligible for a variety of BYU-affiliated scholarships based on a host of academic and non-academic factors.  The scholarship application can be found HERE. 

Admission Notifications - Admission decisions for freshman and transfer applicants will be released near the end of February. Other CES institutions (BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, and LDS Business College) have already started the notification process.  Prospective BYU students should not be alarmed if they're hearing from other schools but not BYU.  Again, our notifications will collectively be released at roughly the same time at the end of February. All applicants will be notified by email.  This notification will direct the student to his or her STATUS screen, where the admission decision will be accessible. Along with the admission decisions, helpful attachments will be provided for students who were admitted and for those who were unfortunately not admitted at this time.

Other College Options - National research shows 80% of seniors will apply to three or more colleges; 36% will apply to seven or more colleges!  As high school counselors, you know the importance of having options for higher education. Please invite your prospective BYU students to have other choices available in their college search.  With the deadline approaching, it simply makes sense for students to have solid alternatives when considering where to attend college. Your prospective BYU student might consider applying to another school or two within CES (Church Educational System). In addition to their current BYU application, to apply to BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, and/or LDS Business College, students should check the appropriate box(es) on part 2 of the admission application and pay the corresponding application fee(s). Generally speaking, these steps should complete additional applications for the CES schools. In this case, there is no need to resubmit transcripts, test scores, essays, or endorsements.  This is one great benefit of the CES common application.