Learn More About Transferring to BYU

While most of the attention regarding admission to BYU tends to focus on high school seniors and incoming freshman, thousands of students transfer to BYU each year from another campus. At BYU an applicant is considered a transfer if they have graduated from high school AND completed at least one additional college course. Here are several tips for your students who may be considering transferring to BYU:

Visit transfer.byu.edu
The most up-to-date resource for transfer students is online. Here they can explore admission policies, course equivalencies, and other logistics specific to the transfer process

The 24 Credit Hour Threshold 
Once the applicant has earned at least 24 graded college semester credit hours–and completed grades are posted on official transcripts–BYU will disregard high school grades and ACT/SAT scores. The academic portion of the application review will center on the student’s completed college work. AP and IB credits do not count towards the 24 credit hour threshold, though they may count toward BYU credit (see apib.byu.edu). Please note that if a student was not admitted after applying as a new freshman to BYU, they are required to complete 24 credits before re-applying.

Use BYU’s Transfer Guides
BYU has detailed course equivalency information on nearly 100 schools across the country. If a school is not listed under our Transfer Guide section, it does not mean we will not accept credit from that institution. It simply means more evaluation time will be needed for us to inform the student on course equivalencies.

Associate’s Degree
While no extra consideration is granted for completing an Associate's Degree, those admitted with one will automatically have the majority of BYU’s GE requirements fulfilled.

Winter Admission
Beginning BYU during the winter semester is a very common occurrence for the transfer population. The winter application is now available. The deadline to apply is October 1.

Watch the 90 Credit Hour Mark
Transfer students who earn more than 90 college semester credit hours are not likely to be admitted as transfer applicants. These students should strongly consider remaining at their campus, earning the undergraduate degree, and perhaps applying to BYU as a graduate student in the future.

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