New - Online Recommendations

Students will enter in their application individuals that can complete a brief recommendation on their behalf. This is not a traditional letter of recommendation but an online form for them to complete (with a space for comments). We expect this to this will take no more than a couple of minutes per student.

In addition to the ecclesiastical endorsement, freshmen will be asked to obtain recommendations from their seminary teacher, a high school teacher, and one other non-family member of their choice. The high school teacher can be anyone that taught them a class that counted towards the completion of either a math, English or science requirement in either their junior or senior year. The non-relative recommender can be an additional high school teacher, church leader, employer or manager, coach, club adviser, or other non-relative adult who knows the applicant well.

The applicant will provide the name and email address of the high school teacher and for the non-family recommender as part of their application. (We will use the most recent seminary teachers contact information we have for the seminary recommendation).

Please Note: These recommendations are a required part of the application. Applications can not be submitted until recommendations are received.