Onestop: A Resource Worth Knowing

OneStop is a BYU department designed as a resource to assist students in the areas of:

  • Registration (registering for classes/MyMAP)
  • Admissions (e.g., deferring for a mission)
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA, Pell Grants and government loans)
  • Scholarships (on-campus and off-campus)
  • Student Accounts (e.g., tuition, fees and payments, refunds, My Financial Center)

From the day a student is admitted to the day they walk across the stage at graduation, OneStop is here to help!

Located in the Administration Building on BYU’s campus, our physical office has excellent student employees to assist you in the questions you may have when you call or visit BYU. We also have a wonderful team of full time counselors ready and able to assist you and your students

Because of the multitude of information both students and parents need to know about their BYU journey, we have created a OneStop website to help students and parents be guided through what they need to know and do to create a positive BYU experience. 

On the website, you can find information we have labeled as “Tasks.” These are step-by-step processes on what you need to do and how to do it. Some of these tasks include paying for tuition, applying for scholarships, deferring for a mission, adding money to a BYU ID card, and other resources. The “Do It” links navigate directly to the websites needed to complete the specific tasks.

“Checklists” are compiled to help students walk through important categorical steps. For example, the “Just Admitted New Freshman Checklist” will walk the student through the important steps needed to take before arriving on campus, such as accept admission, register for classes, sign up for housing and meal plans, etc. The “Missionary Checklist” walks the students through what they need to do as they prepare for a mission, such as applying for deferment, setting up Guest Access, selling your housing contract, etc. Some other important checklists include “Registering for Classes,” “Choosing a Major,” “Financial Aid,” “Just Married,” “Graduation Checklist,” etc. We even have a “Parents of a Missionary” checklist to help you when your student is focusing on missionary work.

In short, checklists and tasks are designed to help student complete important steps needed to go throughout their college career. The OneStop website makes it possible to customize checklists and keep track of progress as your student walks their college path.

These are just a few of the offerings OneStop provides. We invite you to explore for yourself to become familiar with this important resource! If you ever have a question pertaining to financial aid, scholarships, admissions, registration and student accounts, OneStop is here for you. We are a click, a call, a visit, or YMessage away!

Feel free to contact us at:

BYU OneStop
D-155 ASB
Or electronic e-mail through

Noelle Pitcher is the OneStop Coordinator. She manages, helps with marketing and social media, and plans fun events like campus campaigns and New Student Orientation.​ 

Bryson Ensign works with Noelle Pitcher in OneStop.