Program Preview: BYU Salt Lake Center
Have you heard of the BYU Salt Lake Center? In downtown Salt Lake City, this BYU satellite campus offers BYU courses for BYU credit. Here are the basics...

The BYU Salt Lake Center—an extension of BYU's Provo campus—primarily offers general education and introductory courses to undergraduate students. The BYU Salt Lake Center is conveniently located in the Triad Center, right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.

The Mission
To provide BYU students smaller general education classes and more flexible scheduling options, like once-a-week, day, and evening classes, and to provide classes for students not admitted into BYU.

One out of five students who graduate from BYU will enroll, on average, in three courses at the BYU Salt Lake Center during their undergraduate years. Last semester the Center offered 156 sections of 88 undergraduate courses to 1,355 students. While most students are matriculated students, each semester 200 non-matriculated (open admission) students join them.

At the BYU Salt Lake Center, students take BYU courses for BYU credit from BYU instructors. While the Center does not offer degrees, it can either assist BYU students in obtaining a degree, or it can give non-BYU students a place to take general education courses. Most non-matriculated students who go to the BYU Salt Lake Center either transfer to BYU or anther university to finish their education.

Traveling to and from the BYU Salt Lake Center is surprisingly convenient. Students who live in Provo can take the high-speed train to Salt Lake, which drops them off essentially across the street from the Center. There is also a free parking garage for students that is connected to the Triad Center, where the BYU Salt Lake Center is located.

Unique Elements

  • Small class sizes
  • Longer, once-a-week classes
  • More one-on-one time with instructors
  • Students leave with BYU credit on a BYU transcript
  • A BYU education for students not formally accepted to BYU
  • Easy access to popular Salt Lake City attractions like the Vivint SmartHome Arena, City Creek Center, Gateway, Church History Library, and Temple Square

Formally admitted BYU students don’t need to do anything extra to take classes in Salt Lake. They just choose a “Salt Lake” course during registration. All non-matriculated students need is a high school diploma or GED, a 2.0 or higher GPA for all completed coursework, a current ecclesiastical endorsement, and an approved clearance to register form. You can find all these requirements and the clearance form at

Contact Information

3 Triad Center, Suite 300
345 W. North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84180-1203