Registration FAQ

How can students defer their acceptance date due to a mission? 

To defer, students must already have their mission calls.  Then, they click this link (must log in) and submit (1) their entry and release dates, (2) the semester they expect to enroll at BYU, and (3) updated mailing and email addresses that will be accessed while they are gone. The mission deferment must be completed after receiving a call, but before the end of the semester in which they would normally enroll. If they miss this deadline they will have to reapply to the university to return after their mission.

How do students register for classes?

They use the MyMAP system. The PLAN tab in MyMAP lists all the general education classes students need to graduate, and adds any of their AP credits that BYU has accepted. If they have declared a major on the admissions application, it tells them what classes are needed for their major. Students can login at and go to Campus Favorites > MyMAP to check it out for themselves!

When will students be able to register for classes?

For freshman admitted for summer term, summer term registration is already open. For those admitted for fall semester, they can register on their “priority registration date” which is listed in MyMAP>Register tab>fall semester. Freshman fall registration will begin in June.

What courses are incoming freshmen expected to take?

They are expected to complete the First-Year Writing requirement and take at least one course towards the American Heritage requirement during their first year at BYU. Additionally, they are also expected to take one religion course each semester. They can fill the rest of their schedule with other University Core and major-related courses. Some general education requirements may be filled by specific course requirements within their major. Refer to the University Core link above to see these options. 

How many classes (credit hours) should students take?

Enrollment in 12 credits per semester is required for international students and 14 for most scholarship recipients. Students will also receive the most value for their tuition dollar when they take at least 12 credits in a semester. It is recommended that freshmen take 12-14 credits per semester, but not more, because there is already so much for them to adjust to.

One semester hour of credit represents at least one hour in class per week (or two hours in class per week in a term); e.g. a three credit class will meet three hours per week in fall semester. Students should expect to study two hours outside of class for every one hour in class. Therefore, 14 credits will require about 42 hours of study per week! 

How can students register for a class that’s already full? 

Students should add themselves to the waitlist.  The registration waitlist will add students automatically if a spot becomes available, and the students meet the requirements and do not have holds on their registration.  When a seat opens the first person on the waitlist is added and a notification is sent to them. For more information see Registration Waitlist.

AP Credit:

How do students get AP credit scores or college credit received during high school sent to BYU? 

AP grade reports are sent electronically to the colleges designated by the students on their AP exam answer sheets. Each report is cumulative and includes scores for all AP exams taken, unless there is a request that one or more scores be canceled or withheld from a college. Scores are posted to students’ records as soon as they are received by BYU (which is the end of June or the beginning of July). 

If students did not designate BYU on the AP exam answer sheet, or the scores reported are unable to be added to the student’s record they may do one of the following:

  • Mail BYU a copy of their official high school transcript (as long as the school includes AP scores on the transcript).  Send it to:
    BYU Admissions
    A-41 ASB
    Provo, UT 84602
  • Contact AP Grade Reporting Services, a division of College Board, and request that the scores be sent to BYU (there will be a small fee for this service).
  • Come to the Registrar’s Office (B-150 ASB) and access their College Board account so the scores can be added to their BYU record.

What credit will students receive for their AP Scores?

BYU may award credit for AP exam scores of 3, 4, or 5 in most subject areas.  Follow this link to see what credit will be earned.

How do students get BYU credit for other college credits received during high school?

College credit can only be transferred to BYU from an official transcript sent by the awarding institution.  Students may have received high school credit for those courses, but college credit cannot be awarded from a high school transcript.

What should students register for when they are unsure how their AP credit will count at BYU?

Contact the University Advisement Center at 801-422-3826 or 1-877-890-5519 / or by email at

For further questions about AP credit, call Transfer Evaluation at 801-422-8522.

Jearlene Leishman is the Senior Associate Registrar in the Registrar's Office.