Salt Lake Center

Have you heard of the BYU Salt Lake Center? It’s the satellite campus of BYU in downtown Salt Lake City. Your student can take classes at BYU SLC if they’re an admitted BYU student, but one of BYU’s not-so-secret secrets is that non-admitted students can also take courses here!

We’ll explain. The BYU Salt Lake Center offers dozens of general education courses each student working toward an associate or bachelor’s degree is required to take. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This program for non-matriculated students is similar to BYU’s Visiting Student Program, but it’s year-round, while the Visiting Student Program is only during spring and summer. Find out more here.
  • Students pay the same tuition as BYU students.
  • Credits are posted to an official BYU transcript and can be transferred to another university. These are official BYU classes and students leave with official BYU credit.
  • If your student wants to experience BYU life in Provo, they can! Non-admitted students studying at the BYU Salt Lake Center can live in BYU student housing and enjoy the BYU experience, just with classes in Salt Lake instead of Provo.
  • Classes are a little different here. Each class meets once or twice a week for a longer block, which gives your student more time for a job or makes it easier for them to travel from Provo. Take a look at the classes we offer.
  • Your student can live wherever they want while attending the BYU SLC. UTA’s Frontrunner is a high-speed train that can get them from Provo to downtown SLC in less than an hour. Convenient, right? Take a look at the UTA schedule

And now you’re wondering why more people aren’t talking about this incredible program BYU offers. We are too. This is the perfect opportunity for a student who didn’t get accepted to BYU. Maybe they’re set on living in Utah and going to BYU for the religion classes or because it’s a family tradition. They can still go to BYU and experience those things that make this university uniquely wonderful—just 40 miles north in Salt Lake.

Want to see what your student needs to do to attend? Visit to find out more and start the process. We look forward to learning with your student!

Scott Howell is the Director of the BYU Salt Lake Center.