Student On-Campus Employment: Finances, Friends, and Future Skills!
Nearly half of BYU's student body work on our campus! With competitive wages, flexible hours, and an array of work options, student employment at BYU offers a bounty of benefits...

A unique element of addressing college costs at BYU is the abundance of on-campus student employment possibilities. BYU employs more than 14,000 students on our campus.  Employment opportunities include teaching at the Missionary Training Center, working with campus landscaping crews, ushering at sports events, serving as a teaching or research assistant, and hundreds of other options. Campus jobs are conveniently located and often offer flexible hours, ideally suited to a student's particular schedule.  And, while working on campus, most students are eligible for an exemption to FICA tax, saving 7.65% of a hard-earned paycheck! For 2016, the average hourly rate among undergraduate students is $9.92/hour.

Some students and families wonder if working while attending college is a wise choice. Our institutional research shows BYU students who work 15-20 hours per week while attending school also have the highest GPAs! Employment during college enrollment need not be an academic detriment. Lastly, freshman students who are admitted to fall semester may secure campus employment during the preceding summer term. To research all student employment options, please direct your students here: