Tuition Deadlines & Tips

Tuition deadline: generally 7 calendar days before classes start each semester or term
Preferred method of payment: online by e-check

  • If tuition is not paid by the tuition deadline, a hold is placed on the student's account, which would prevent them from being able to register for additional classes. If tuition is not paid by the add/drop deadline of each semester or term, all classes may be dropped. Visit the tuition rates and tuition deadline schedule for more information.
  • If students do not have money to pay tuition by the deadlines (they may be waiting for a scholarship or other financial aid), they can apply for an interest-free BYU Short-Term Loan to give them time to acquire the money. Although short term loans are interest-free, a $20 processing fee is charged (paid when the loan is due).

Students can pay almost all charges (e.g. tuition, health plan, program fees, housing, meal plans and other miscellaneous charges) online through My Financial Center. Students should have access to the My Financial Center site upon creating their BYU account. It can also be found on

Paying tuition with an e-check is free and is the preferred method of payment for all charges. To use the e-check payment options, students will need their bank account and routing number to their account. Additionally, BYU accepts Visa, MasterCard, DiscoverCard, and American Express for payments to your account. For tuition and program fees, however, students will be charged a 2.0% processing fee when a credit card is used.

For any additional questions or to pay tuition in person, please call BYU Enrollment Services at 801.422.4101.

Holly Castleton works in the Enrollment Services Executive Director’s Office and is the Parent Newsletter Editor.