Welcome to the Parent Newsletter and BYU!

Welcome to the Parent Newsletter, and congratulations on your student’s admittance to Brigham Young University! We are excited to welcome your student to BYU in the near future. We hope that this newsletter will aid you in helping your student make the transition to college. 

How will the Parent Newsletter help me?

During the first year of college, students are expected to know a lot (dates, deadlines, policies, etc.). With all the information it is easy to miss something. The Parent Newsletter is designed to empower you with a knowledge of all the wonderful resources available to your student, so you can best help them.

Here is an example of how the Parent Newsletter can help you and your student:
Your student Jane calls to say she took her first American Heritage exam. She performed poorly and feels discouraged. You remember reading in that month’s Parent Newsletter that there are free exam workshops for students. You then invite Jane to try the workshops so she can better prepare for her next exam.

This represents one of many scenarios your student may face. From roommate problems, to academic questions, this newsletter will connect you with all the best resources on campus.

How to use the Parent Newsletter:

Each month the Parent Newsletter contains valuable dates, deadlines, and other pertinent information for the coming weeks and months. Below is a step-by-step guide on navigating the Parent Newsletter online and fully utilizing it.

  • Remember to click “View Online” in the upper right corner of the email, since not all the features of the Parent Newsletter are available in the email view.
  • At the bottom of the email you will see options for contacting us, unsubscribing, and subscribing with another email address.
  • The right side of each newsletter contains three months of upcoming events and deadlines gathered from many different departments across campus.
  • Also on the right side, you will see “Related Newsletters.” As the months pass, we will provide links to the previous newsletters for your reference. You can also see our main newsletter page at newsletter.byu.edu under “BYU Parent Newsletter” for the last few issues.
  • When you open the newsletter you will see an overview of the articles. These articles are chosen based on upcoming academic deadlines and campus activities. For example, before tuition is due, we will include an article explaining how to pay tuition and what happens if it is not paid on time.
  • Below the main articles we will include links for the First-Year Experience newsletter which will be sent to your student weekly and other links from time to time that you might find useful.

What if my student is deferring for a mission?

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter if you wish. When your student enrolls at BYU after his or her mission, your email address will be added to our list again automatically. (Note: Please keep your email updated with BYU to ensure you receive these newsletters when your student returns to BYU).

How do I unsubscribe?

If you find you no longer need the Parent Newsletter, scroll down to the bottom of the email. There you will see three options, including the option to email us, unsubscribe, and subscribe with a different email address.

Finally, we encourage you to email us at parent_newsletter@byu.edu or comment below the articles with any questions or suggestions you may have. We are always seeking ways to make the transition easier for you and your student!

Welcome to the BYU Parent Newsletter Community!

Charlotte Shurtz, Parent Newsletter Editor

Charlotte Shurtz works in the SAAS Executive Director’s Office and is the Parent Newsletter Editor.