Withdrawn BYU Applications

As part of the admission process, BYU withdraws applications that are incomplete after the February 1 admission deadline. An applicant whose application has been withdrawn will not be considered for admission. Applicants are welcome to complete an application for a future admission period once the new application becomes available.

How does this work? If any part of an application has not been received by the appropriate deadline, that application is considered to be incomplete and the application is withdrawn. There are a few exceptions to this process. Since BYU allows mailed transcripts to be postmarked and not received by the deadline, we hold on to some applications a little longer to allow these mailed items to arrive. This means applications that are only missing transcripts and ACT/SAT scores will be retained, and not immediately withdraw. After approximately one week, waiting for mailed items to arrive, we withdraw the remaining incomplete applications.

What about the applicants? When an application is withdrawn, we send an email notification to the applicant letting them know the withdrawal took place. If they are still interested in applying to BYU, applicants can look for the winter application that will open approximately March 31.

What about other CES schools? Not all CES schools withdraw their applications. It is important for the applicant to check the application status for each institution to which they have applied for additional information.

Are there any options? For those who are still interested in attending BYU during Spring or Summer terms, the Visiting Student program may be an option for them. This is a non-matriculated student program and does not offer continued attendance at the university. For more information, visit https://admissions.byu.edu/visiting-student-program