Women's Services & Resources

There are over 33,000 students attending BYU and yet some students still feel alone.  At Women’s Services & Resources, one of our goals is to help and support these students.  We also strive to facilitate the personal, academic, and spiritual success of all BYU students with a focus on female students.  This is done by empowering students through education and by connecting them with resources that will help them to excel as individuals, build thriving families, and strengthen their communities.

Moving away from home to attend college is hard (for both you and your child).  Studies show many young adults are not ready for this major life transition.  Women’s Services & Resources is here to help your child with their transition to college life and to provide resources and help when challenges arise.  Following are issues we have found many of our freshmen students face during their first year at BYU:

  • Body image and eating concerns
  • Stress, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Loneliness or feeling homesick
  • Challenges with meeting new people and navigating the college dating and social scenes
  • Choosing a career that accommodates marriage and motherhood
  • Roommate concerns
  • Balancing social pressures with academic demands
  • Financial concerns and paying for college

We also know that as parents, you have your own concerns.  Many parents worry about:

  • The safety of their child
  • Issues with roommates and dating
  • The health of their child
  • Emotional issues such as stress and homesickness

Women’s Services & Resources provides services, information, and support for all of the issues listed above.  As parents, you can help your child make the transition to college easier by talking with them about these and other issues.  Don’t try to solve these issues for your child.  Help them come up with their own solutions and then support them in their decisions.  Encourage your child to visit our office and access the valuable resources we have to offer.  Our office provides one-on-one consultations, support groups, and education to help empower students to be successful in their personal and academic goals.  All of the services and events offered through Women’s Services & Resources are free and available to both men and women.  Other services offered include:

Educational Events:

Women’s Services & Resources provides educational events addressing various women’s issues, including: education and careers, dating and marriage, body image and eating concerns, nutrition and wellness, abuse, and more.

Support Groups:

Women’s Services & Resources offers support groups that provide a safe place to discuss issues that are sensitive and private.  Groups are designed to be a place of learning, openness, and encouragement.  One of these groups is the New CHAPTER support group for those with eating disorders.

One-On-One Consultations:

Any student is welcome to come to the Women’s Services & Resources Office to discuss concerns ranging from homesickness and roommate problems to eating disorders and body image concerns.  Our staff is well-versed on women’s issues and what resources are available on campus and in the community.  We are here to listen, assess needs, provide information, offer options, and connect students to further resources and professionals as needed. Women’s Services & Resources also provides education and support for relationship abuse and sexual assault.  When appropriate, referrals will be made to BYU’s Victim Advocate and BYU’s Counseling and Psychological Services Office. 

Recently, Women’s Services & Resources was designated as a confidential reporting area.  If a student makes a report to a full-time WSR employee, that employee will not report the incident to any other campus entity UNLESS it is determined there is an immediate health or safety risk or otherwise required by law.  Women’s Services and Resources seeks to assist and support all members of the campus community by recommending appropriate resources and services both on campus and in the community.

Remember, we are here to help in any way we can.  To learn more about our staff and services, please visit our website at wsr.byu.edu.  We also invite you and/or your child to email, call, or stop by our office.  We look forward to having the opportunity to be of service.

Dixie Sevison is the Director of Women’s Services & Resources.