Is Your Student Leaving on a Mission After Fall Semester?

Many new freshmen at BYU leave to serve missions after their first semester.  If your student is planning to defer enrollment for a mission, please remind them to complete and submit a missionary deferment form before leaving the university. By deferring, they will be able to return to school without having to reapply. They must have their mission call before deferring enrollment for a mission.

 Some important points for your student to consider:

  • Be sure you meet the qualifications for a missionary deferment. Defer enrollment and scholarships or financial aid, if applicable.
  • Prepare ahead for registration and to continue your scholarships/financial aid when you return. Designate a person you trust to help you with academic matters while you are away. Give this person a list of classes to register you for, etc.
  • Gather materials you will need when you return and store them in a safe place. Consider making an inventory of what you are storing. Who’s going to remember what’s in those boxes after a year-and-a-half to two years?
  • Housing – for on-campus housing submit a petition for release from contract. For off-campus housing, look at your housing contract for more information.
  • If you are an international student, consider what other unique circumstances you will need to plan for.
  • You must attend the semester you indicated you will return.  But, if you really need to change, contact BYU OneStop.

To get all the details and answers to these questions and more, check out Missionary Deferment Checklist on the OneStop website. Take a look at the Parent of a Missionary Checklist and the Returned Missionary Checklist  as well to have an idea of what will need to be done when your missionary gets home.

Charlotte Shurtz works in the SAAS Executive Director’s Office and is the Parent Newsletter Editor.