Is your student leaving on or coming home from a mission?

Leaving on a Mission

Many freshmen at BYU leave to serve missions.  If your student is planning to defer enrollment for a mission, please remind them to complete and submit a missionary deferment form before leaving the university. By deferring, they will be able to return to school without having to reapply. They must have their mission call before deferring enrollment for a mission. Your student can give you guest access to allow you to act on their behalf while they are serving a mission.

Check out Missionary Deferment Checklist on the OneStop website for the essential things your student must do and look at the Parent of a Missionary Checklist for how you can help.

 Coming home from a Mission

 Take a look at the Parent of a Missionary Checklist and the Returned Missionary Checklist  to have an idea of what will need to be done when your missionary gets home and how you can help. Remember, students are required to attend the semester they indicated on their application for deferment. If, due to special circumstances, your student must change the semester of return, it is critical that they contact BYU OneStop to work out the details.